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MPEG Audio Stream

On May 14, 2004, the MMSN began streaming the net frequency over the internet.  It is intended as another means for non-amateur radio operators to listen to the net, family of boat crews to listen for the boat and a way to monitor the net when you are away from the radio or when you have no propagation to the net control station.  You could also use it as a means of checking your audio quality.  You can check into the net and then listen to yourself on the stream because of latency*.

Mobile, AL Receiver

** this receiver is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Location:      Mobile, Alabama, at the receive site of Public Coast Station WLO
Receiver:      Japan Radio Company NRD 535D
Frequency:   14.300.05 MHz
Antenna:       T.C.I.  ground mounted phased loop system
                        - there are 6 rows of loops ( every 60 ยบ ) and all are tied together for omni-directional reception                   
Encoder:       Audioactive Realtime MPEG Encoder - photo of setup
Stream:        8 kilobits/second bitrate, 11 kHz sample rate, mono output

Ransomville, NY Receiver (near Niagara Falls)

** this receiver is only available when Steve NN2NN is home and not using his rig.

- Software is NCH Swift Sound's BroadWave Streaming Audio Server.
- Server connection is via Satellite ISP which causes an inherent delay in audio.
- Computer hosting the audio server is a Dell 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 CPU with 1 GB of RAM.
- Receiver is an Icom 746, set to 14.300 MHz
- The antenna is a Quad Band (10-40 meters) 6 element yagi at 55 feet on the tower.
- For here

Miami, FL Receiver

** this receiver is generally available from mid-morning through the end of the MMSN sessions for the day.

- Software is NCH Swift Sound's BroadWave Streaming Audio Server.
- Server connection is via DSL
- Computer hosting the audio server is a Compaq Presario SR2006NX Celeron D CPU 3.33GHz with 512MB RAM
- Receiver is an Icom 746PRO, almost always set to 14.300 MHz
- The antenna is a Mike Traffie Hexbeam at 40 ft


*As with any streaming audio on the internet, there will be an inherent lag in receiving the audio.  The audio could be lagged anywhere from 4 seconds to 1 minute, as compared to live on-the-air audio.  This depends on your internet connection, the number of servers to get to the stream and many other factors.  There is nothing that can be done on our end to lessen the lag.

If you are on a slow dial-up connection, you may want to disable any other programs that need an internet connection (email programs) as this will cause the stream to stall or drop-off.  Broadband connections should not experience this condition.