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Bernie Farthing - NP2CB - SK (Aug 25, 2015)

It is with heartfelt regret that I announce the passing of long time Maritime Mobile Service Net member, Bernie Farthing, NP2CB.

Bernie Farthing has been involved in Amateur Radio since the early 1950’s. He was an avid CW and phone operator and was also involved in all aspects of emergency communications. He was a past member of the Orange County and Lake County Amateur Radio Emergency Service in Florida.

Bernie was also a past member of the Atlanta Radio Club in Atlanta, Georgia and he designed the club insignia that is in use today.

Recently he started the N4CVL Amateur Radio station with his own funds so that residents of the Cranes View Lodge Assisted Living in Clermont, Florida could experience the Amateur Radio Service.

Bernie’s proudest association is that with the Maritime Mobile Service Network where he was a member for nearly 20 years. He was a most professional operator and was known for his skills during the emergencies he handled especially with maritime vessels that called for his assistance. He was well known to members of the net and a teacher to those that asked for his assistance. Bernie was always willing to do what he could for his fellow man and was a very kind individual.

I was lucky enough to meet Bernie just 5 short years ago and we became best friends instantly. He introduced me and taught me about the Maritime Mobile Service Network. He also introduced me to all the Amateur Radio Operators I am now friends with here in Central Florida.
I was able to meet with Bernie one last time just 2 days ago in the local Hospice Center where we sat and talked for nearly 3 hours. It certainly was a wonderful conversation. Bernie made it so easy to say "good-bye" to one another with such ease that one would think that Bernie was taking a trip. For Bernie, he was going on a trip.

One thing he wanted me to convey to all of you is a thanks that he has for just being part of this organization. He also wanted me to remind you that while 95% of the net seems to be routine traffic, you should not allow this to lower your role as emergency communicators and be diligent just as a Police Officer needs to remain diligent at all times. Like Bernie said "you are emergency communicators and to never forget this".

I shall profoundly miss my dear friend Bernie and my life will not be the same. I was the benefactor of my association with him and gained so much insight into what this life is all about. In the face of despair Bernie showed one that there is always a bright side to every problem. I will never forget him and like I told him, "till we meet again, best 73’s my dear friend".

There will be a memorial service for Bernie on Friday, 8/28/15 at 1300 held at the Brewer and Sons Funeral Home at 1018 West Avenue, Clermont, Florida Tel 352-394-8500

In Lieu of any flowers, the family asked if you could send a donation to the Kidney Foundation, 1040 Woodcock Rd, Suite 119, Orlando, Fl 32803 Tel- 407-894-7325.

Jeff Savasta, KB4JKL
Assistant Net Manager
Maritime Mobile Service Network