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SV Fleana

Vessel Taking on Water - May 12, 2006

On Friday May 12, 2006 at 8:26pm ( 0026z - 2006/05/13), the net received a call from Dan KB1MOO aboard the SV Fleana in the North Atlantic. At this time Fleana reported that a bulkhead had ruptured but they were not taking-on any water. They reported that they were returning to port for repairs but wanted the US Coast Guard (USCG) aware of their condition. Dave KA5E, in Austin TX, took the info and relayed it to the USCG.

At the time of the call, FLEANA had been enroute to Ireland from Maine.

They reported their position as 42º 15' N x 067º 25'W (Georges Banks area), steering a course of 305 magnetic and a speed of 4.5 knots. At this time there were 4 persons onboard.

On Sunday May 14, 2006, I called Dan on the telephone and spoke with his wife. She advises that Dan and crew are effecting repairs to the FLEANA and will be heading back out by May 18, 2006. They are all fine and she expressed sincere thanks to everyone involved.