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SV Elusive

Unknown Vessel Approaching – Mar 27, 2008

On Thursday March 27, 2008, at approximately 18:25 EDT, SV Elusive, Wendy and Stephen KG6DRI, came to 14.300 MHz and reported that they were being approached by an unknown vessel. Wendy reported their position as 06º 11' N x 129º 14' W. Wendy reported that there were 2 person on-board.

They reported that the vessel was an older, rusty grey power vessel and that it was following close behind them. Attempts had already been made to contact the vessel on VHF but the vessel only communicated in Spanish.

Net members contacted the USCG. On the recommendation of the USCG, SV Elusive activated their EPIRB and get into their flotation gear. SV Elusive also had a satellite phone and the number was passed to the USCG. The vessel and the USCG communicated directly by the phone from then on.

At 18:55 EDT, SV Elusive reported to the net that the unknown vessel has altered course and was now moving away. At 19:30 EDT, SV Elusive reported to the net that the unknown vessel was now out-of-sight and all was well.