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SV Emerald

MAYDAY - Jan 26, 2013

The following is an email received from  It is addressed to Bill, KI4MMZ.

The S/V Emerald is tied securely to the dock at Buzze's Warf aka Ma'alaea, Maui.  Sitting in the cockpit this evening and trying to catch up on forty days of correspondence.  The only person I really want to connect with to thank personally is Bill Sturridge (KI4MMZ) whom I have tracked to this site.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me when the waves were as angry rolling mountains and there was only me there to deal with that which had to be dealt with.  Your timely and accurate weather reports were not always what I wanted to hear but in hearing them I was able to prepare for what lay ahead and that made all the difference to me.  Hearing your voice everyday, knowing there was someone out there in the ether that cared enough to listen and make the effort was the most uplifting and gratifying thing to me in the world.  I haven't the words to convey my gratitude but thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and for tracking me and for posting my positions.  It meant the world to a great many people who followed my progress with intent interest.  I have sailed long distance since I was 18-years old and have covered over a hundred and twenty thousand ocean miles including a circumnavigation.  I lost my last vessel when I was run down in the night by a 600 foot tanker and I still do this monkey business.  It is caring people like yourself and Rex and Rick and Jane that make this business of long distance sailing a very special thing to do.  I lost forty pounds, several bad habits, and gained back the best version of myself that I know and it was with your help, knowing you and others like you were out there that made it the special adventure that it was.  Now I am cleaning up the mess, hosing off the salt powering down the veggies and getting back my equilibrium and enjoying life on one of my favorite islands.   I will forward a link to some video footage I made of my voyage as soon as I get it posted.

Again, thanks Bill for being there and caring.
Curtis Ciszek AE7DI MM