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SV Endless Journey

MAYDAY - Sep 26, 2003

On September 26, 2003, at approximately 2320z, a mayday call was received on the net frequency. A crew member from the vessel SV Endless Journey (non-ham) was reporting that they were taking on water at a high rate. She reported her position as 15º-19.0' N and 082º-28.0' W., about 70nm west of Honduras, in the NW Caribbean.

The vessel was a CT 54, white hull color with 3 persons onboard. The vessel was equipped with a life raft and a 406 EPRIB. Person's onboard were: Larry (Captain), Tammy and Chris (crew members).

At 2330z the USCG District 7HQ in Miami Fl was contacted and PO Sean Ponegt took the call. A radio-telephone patch from USCG to stricken vessel was established and maintained throughout the incident. This allowed the USCG to have direct communication with the vessel, without the need of the instructions to be relayed by a third party. Tammy, who was acting as the stricken vessels radio operator, advised that they had deployed their life raft and were preparing to ditch the vessel.

The USCG at Miami advised that they were in contact with the USCG Cutter Harriet Lane and that the cutter was approximately 60 miles away and was being diverted. Air assets would also be deployed.

At about 2345z, Captain Larry came on frequency and advised that the crew had abandoned ship and were in the life raft. He also advised that he was unable to gain on the water and that the water was soon to cover the engine. He had deployed two 370 GPH pumps but was not gaining on the water.

At about 2352z, Captain Larry came on frequency and advised that the water was now over the engine and he still could not find the source of the leak. He advised that he was going to leave the vessel, that there was nothing more to do.

The USCG, still on the phone patch, were advised and the patch was terminated.

The station involved was Rick WB6LNH


27 Sep 2003 @ 0700z

USCG District 7 HQ advised that the crew of SV Endless Journey had been located and picked-up from their life raft. All hands safe but the vessel was lost.