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SV Eowyn

Medical Emergency - Apr 13, 2004

The following incident was reported to the Maritime Mobile Service Network on April 13, 2004

Capt. Ron KD5HWD, SV Eowyn, a 37 footer. called into the net around 13:00EDT on Tuesday April 13, 2004, to report that a crew member had fallen onboard and possibly broken some ribs. This had occurred some 12 hours previous to his call. He requested that we contact a doctor for advise. The crew member was 64 years old and was recovering from bronchitis.

The vessel was at 28-47.0N x 087-06.6W. Seas were 14-16 feet, wind out of the NW at 25-30 knots.

Clyde KG4BVR contacted Dr. Jim K4TCV but got his answering service. They said that Jim would call back within 20 minutes.

After 30 minutes, Terry KA9ALE contacted another doctor on the list for advise. While he was gone, Jim called into the net. Terry came back with some advise from the doctor that he had contacted. Tom VE3II then patched Dr. Jim through to the Eowyn as Dr. Jim did not copy the boat. The patch went for 20 minutes as an on-air consultation. They then arranged to meet on 7.295 later for follow-up. Traffic ended at 14:04EDT

After consultation with others and the fear that the bronchitis may develop into pneumonia, the Eowyn decided to head to Panama City, Florida. Once within VHF range, Eowyn would contact the USCG and arrange for a med-evac.

Confirmation was received on April 15, 2004 at approximately 12:00 EDT that the patient had been airlifted from the Eowyn and taken to hospital. Eowyn was confirmed at the dock in Panama City at approximately 16:00 EDT.

All hands are safe and the patient out-of-danger. Although very tired, Capt. Ron went directly to the hospital with Don K0IND and Harold KF4YDO and then returned to the marina.

SV Eowyn at the dock

Don K0IND and Capt Ron KD5HWD