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SV Fearless

Medical Emergency - Mar 22, 2008

On Saturday March 22, 2008, at approximately 14:55 EDT, SV Fearless, Brett KI6JTG, came to 14.300 MHz and declared a medical emergency. At this time Brett reported his position as 13º 05' N x 122º 43' W, enroute from Mexico to the Marqueses Islands, in the South Pacific. They estimated that they were 14 - 16 days out from their destination. There were 2 persons-onboard, Brett KI6JTG and Naomi KI6JTS.

H NQ5H made contact with Brett and determined that he had lacerated his hand between the thumb and forefinger and needed to speak with a physician. H contacted Dr. Jim Hirschman K4TCV and Jim came to the net frequency. However, due to poor propagation, Jim could not hear the vessel. However, through a relay from Phil N3RRR, Jim was able to assist Brett with treating the wound.

As a result of the nets efforts, Brett received the necessary medical advise and he was able to get the bleeding stopped and the wound dressed. Brett also had some antibiotics onboard and he was instructed to start taking them.