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SV Passage West

MAYDAY - May 17, 2001

On May 17, 2001, at 0212z, Fletcher KA4BPR received a call from Tom K6DBZ. He was relaying a MAYDAY from SV Passage West, located at 25-34.6N x 113-13.6W. SV Passage West reported that it had struck "something" in the water and were rapidly taking-on water. SV Passage West reported one person onboard and described the vessel as a 36' Ketch.

The USCG was immediately notified of the situation. A vessel near to the position was contacted by the USCG and diverted. This second vessel reported they were approximately 2 hours from the SV Passage West.

At 0415z, the net was advised that the second vessel had arrived at the Passage West's position and was rendering assistance. At this time the net secured.