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SV Sealoon

Unknown Vessel Approaching – May 4, 2013

The following report is from Terry Atha – KG4LTL

Vessel: S/V Sealoon White hull Blue stripe White sail "Sealoon" on bow and stern

Master: James Loon (KI4DBZ)

POB: 2

Position: 23 degrees 0.029 North – 87.52.024 West

Speed: 8.2 knots under sail and motor

Destination: Isla Mujeres Mexico

Condition: a distress call was placed by Noleen Loon,11:45 EDT

At approximately 11:45 EDT NCS (KG4LTL) received a distress call from S/V Sealoon (KI4DBZ) stating they were being followed (2-3 miles apart and closing) by an unknown fishing boat. The Captain requested the Coast Guard be contacted and asked for assistance. The NCS (KG4LTL) contacted Fred Moore (W3ZU) requesting contact be made with the USCG and advise of the situation. Petty Officer McGiuern of the New Orleans USCG station took the call.

After several contacts were made (about a 45 minute time span) and assurance given of the USCG being contacted, Noleen Loon stated the F/V had turned and was no longer in sight.

Several more attempts were made to contact the Sealoon, but no response. At 12:30 EDT I turned control of the frequency (14.300 MHz) to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Net.

Myself and several others continued to try to make contact with the Sealoon for the remainder of the day. No contacts were reported.