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SV She Wolf

Medical Emergency - Jan 31, 2002

The following is from Bob K5SIV:

0127 UTC January 31, 2002
Marsha onboard S/V SHE WOLF XE2/KF6TIQ called for emergency help on 14.300. She was suffering from embolism, joint pain, and lack of movement in extremities, having made a dive and coming up too fast earlier today.

We patched her to her named physician, Dr. Long. He suggested she continue to Socorro and a clinic to obtain treatment and additional oxygen. Shortly thereafter, SV SPIRIT QUEST XE2/W6ATM with another doctor, Doug, and his wife onboard, volunteered to rendezvous with SHE WOLF (30 miles away) meet them at Socorro with three hours of oxygen.

0227 UTC
Dr. Bob Long reports the Medical Transport Team has now made preparations to extract Marsha from Socorro Island. Probably at first light.

1400 UTC
At this time SPIRIT QUEST is landing at the Naval Station with Marsha and will attempt to transport her to a land facility awaiting the arrival of the evac team which has been delayed my the Mexican Government due to weather conditions at this time. Patient is stable but still in need of a decompression chamber. I am patching her personal doctor and the EVAC team on 14.323.

Further information over the next couple of days was that the patient received hyperbaric treatment and was recovering from the episode.