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MV Warrior

Mechanical Emergency - Mar 3, 2007


Friday 2007/03/16 at 23:50z, Leslie K7LEL/MM (SV Carina) calls into the Net requesting assistance for a vessel she has in radio contact. The 42' Hatteras MV Warrior, with 8 POB is without engines and drifting near the island of Cebaco on the Pacific side of Panama.

Utilizing the MMSN and with phone calls initiated from Bob K5SIV, help was sought. Fortunately while overseas calls are being made to various parties, one engine onboard MV Warrior kicks over and starts. The captain notifies SV Carina and MMSN that no assistance is needed. Fred W3ZU, Bob K5SIV and Leslie K7LEL/MM (monitoring on VHF 16), wrap up the event as MV Warrior heads for safe anchor and a satellite phone.

NCS: Dale KR4OR, Dave KA5E, H. NQ5H
Others: Leslie K7LEL/MM, Fred W3ZU